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Structural Glazing:Bolted Systems

Bespoke/Structural Glazing


Bespoke & Structural Glazing produces seamless expanses of glass creating a stunning façade.

The glass actually performs as part of the structure of the building. Structural glass works by using toughened or laminated glass set in layers. Sometimes these layers can be four or five layers deep. The resulting glass can be single, double or triple glazed.

The structural requirements are defined by the Building Regulations and through Structural calculations performed by a professional. The actual thickness of the glass is determined by the size and thickness of the sheet and other factors such as wind loads, barrier loads etc.

Why Us -

  • We offer a survey and design to installation service.

  • We provide 24/7 Emergency Services.

  • We provide a same day guaranteed emergency call out response time.

  • We deliver Nationwide coverage with local services.


  • All our branches are stock holding carrying Jumbo plates and Laminate glass

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